1 May 2021

Letting with Beal’s

Make life simpler with our easy-to-follow guide to letting with Beal’s

1. Accurate valuations every time

When it comes to letting your property, there are some factors you should consider above all else. The first is speed. You want to get a tenant in the most timely manner because the longer the property remains unlet, the bigger the void period and the cost to you. 

The second factor is money. We all want the most we can get for our investments, and that includes your rental property. After all, it’s an investment. Your chances of getting the best possible price go hand in glove with speed. 

The faster you let it, the better the price achieved. 

Our lettings experts perform thousands of valuations every month, giving us an unrivalled knowledge of rental prices in your area. It’s the reason why we regularly achieve the asking price and, in some cases, exceed price expectations. 

So, where does your lettings journey start? It begins with making contact. You can call us, email or pop into one of our 10 high street branches to have a friendly chat with our rental specialists. 

2. Why choose Beal’s?

Deciding to rent out your property is an important decision, so choosing the correct agent is equally crucial. What factors should you keep in mind? What are the key questions you should be asking?

Achieving the best price for your rental is not a case of pot luck. We don’t slap a price on and hope for the best. It takes planning and commitment. It takes a strategy that involves the best marketing material, the best online presence on the UK’s leading property portals, and it takes experience. 

We have almost 3 decades of experience to draw from and thousands of rentals every year. We know your market, and we know your property value because we have dealt with hundreds of similar properties. 

That kind of accuracy comes with experience. 

3. What we do

  • We have the longest opening hours on the high street.
  • We conduct accompanied viewings.
  • We appraise your property based on years of experience. 
  • We advertise on the UK’s largest property portals.
  • We prepare immaculate property brochures.
  • We manage thousands of rental properties. 
  • We have state-of-the-art systems. 
  • We organise your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

4. Take advantage of corporate services

Beal’s works closely with hundreds of companies searching for properties for their relocating employees. The advantage to you is your property is exposed to the broadest range of potential tenants working for companies eager to pay the top price for a premium service. 

5. Let’s talk property management 

Property management is typically the best way to achieve the highest rental returns. Likewise, many tenants actively seek out managed properties to get the reassurances they need, and they are prepared to pay a premium for this service. 

With Beal’s managing your property, you get the assurance that your home and tenant are in capable hands 24/7. You get a dedicated property manager whose mission is to deal with the day-to-day management of your rental, covering general issues to more involved concerns like dealing with utility companies, emergency maintenance and rent collection. 

6. It’s all about the presentation 

Gaining the right first impression is vital to securing that tenant in the best possible time for the highest rent. 

Preparing for the rental market takes care and attention. It’s worth casting your eye over your property to see if any glaring issues could impact your rental price. Does it need a fresh lick of paint, or are there any outstanding DIY jobs that need completing?

Once you are satisfied, it is time to call in Beal’s dedicated team of professional photographers. From the latest digital imagery, 360-degree tours, interactive floor plans and the most detailed property brochures, we take the time and effort to create that all-important first impression to get you the best tenant at the best price. 

7. Getting ready for tenancy

The first step is to prepare an in-depth inventory to document the property’s condition along with a complete record of everything included in the rental. 

We have dedicated inventory experts who produce detailed reports to protect your property and possessions. 

8. Type of tenancy

Essentially, there are long-term and short-term tenancies. So, what are the differences?

Long-term tenancy (6 months or more)

You are accountable for confirming that the tenants have active accounts with utility companies, telephone providers, TV licensing and council tax. 

Short-term tenancy (up to 6 months)

You keep control of utility, council tax and TV license accounts, as these costs are integrated into the monthly rental charge. The tenant is responsible for any telephone services. 

9. It’s all about the marketing

Achieving the best price and tenant takes exposure. Luckily, we are experts at exposing your property to the widest market. We advertise on Rightmove, Zoopla and our state-of-the-art website. 

From coloured brochures to SMS and email notifications, we have every angle covered. 

10. It’s all about the viewing process

Time is the one thing many people don’t have, so knowing that your letting agent works longer than any other agent on the high street is reassuring. It means that we conduct accompanied viewings in the evenings and at weekends when other agents are sitting down for their dinner. 

That’s why we are so flexible. We fit in around clients, not the other way around. 

11. Getting that offer agreed

When an offer is received, we put you in the picture, from the situation with the potential tenant and the amount they have offered. We can advise you, but ultimately, the decision is yours. 

Once you agree to an offer, we do the following regardless of whether we manage your property or not:

  • Acquire references from the tenant’s referees.
  • Set a start date for the tenancy.
  • Take a moving in fee (rent and deposit).

We can also carry out the following services for an additional fee:

  • Carry out the check-in and inventory.
  • Arrange a gas safety inspection and portable appliance test (required by law).
  • Arrange a professional cleaner to visit your property to ensure it is spotless before the tenancy begins. 

Where appropriate, we will hold the deposit as a stakeholder and register it with the Deposit Protection Scheme. This results in a speedy deposit release at the end of the tenancy, removing unnecessary delays.. 

Landlord fees will apply.

12. Completion 

On completion, the keys are either handed to the inventory clerk or the tenant. For managed properties, we give your tenant the contact details of their dedicated property manager. 

Your property has now been successfully let. Congratulations, and here’s to a great working relationship. 

How can we help?

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