7 October 2021

Independent Estate Agents on how to prepare your property for a viewing

Once you’ve got your home on the market and become great friends with your amazing independent estate agents, it’s time to think about the little details. Just like a first date, first impressions can make or break a sale. That is why it’s so important to properly prepare your house for viewings and really make a point of showing off the potential of each room. Just like you would dress to impress when meeting someone new - you want to help your property do the same. It might be time for a little spruce up and a spring clean just in time for some potential buyers.

It can be hard work keeping everything spic and span for viewings, but trust us when we tell you it’s worth the effort. Any small changes you make to improve or freshen up your home could see you with a much faster sale and even a higher offer. That’s what you’re aiming for after all. You have the best chance of making that happen if the people coming to view can easily see the potential it holds and how much they can do with the space. Making it look and feel like home already will get them past the first barrier as soon as they walk in the door. 

We’ve put together a list of easy things you can do to make sure you’re fully prepared. We want to help you as best we can to sell your property, that way you can find your dream home while providing someone else with theirs! Every little helps in this process, so from the tiny considerations to the home renovations, it will all count towards the next step of your journey. (You’ll make someone else really happy too!)


Kerb Appeal

Independent estate agents from all over will go on and on about this. Potential buyers make an immediate judgement on a property from the minute they see it, and some will even drive by before the viewing to scope it out from the road. This is where your green fingers are going to come in handy. If you have a front garden with a lawn, make sure it is being regularly mowed because long and untidy grass can make somewhere look unkept and is not very inviting. So at the very least, just keep it maintained.

You can then start keeping the hedges trimmed and weeds at bay. This will ensure people know the owners look after every bit of the property - which bodes well for the inside! Although, it’s not only the greenery that should be kept an eye on. The external features of your house include the window frames, driveway and doors too. This means it could be time to do those touch-ups that have been waiting all winter… 

Window frames may need to be cleaned regularly to keep the dust and grime off. As well as this, giving any woodwork or guttering a new lick of paint won’t go amiss. Whatever you can do to brighten the outside up will be much more appealing when people pull up. So grab your trowel and weed-wacker and that first impression is sure to be a great one. Don’t give them a reason to walk away before they’ve even been inside.



That’s right, it’s time to go through your things and get rid of (or hide away) the bits that don’t need to be on display. Living in a property for extended periods can understandably see a build-up of clutter. But tackling it now will not only leave your home looking tidier for guests, but it will also save you time in the move! Don’t box up items you’ll never use again - just get rid of them now and you’ll have some extra space in the new place.

We don’t expect everything to be hidden away in the loft or under the bed, but trying to clear worktops will make it more appealing for buyers. Having clear sides in the kitchen will show off how much counter space is available. This is usually a requirement for people looking to upsize. They want more room to work and the less you have out on the side - the more room there will be. Not only this, making sure washing up and dishes are put away (or hidden in the dishwasher) makes the space much tidier and doesn’t divert their attention.

The same goes for items we often leave laying around. Things like children’s toys can easily be put back on a shelf or in a toy box. This will mean viewers can take in the space without worrying about falling over a shoe or stepping on a lego brick. It just makes the experience of walking around the property much more enjoyable. They’ll remember the bad bits over the good ones, so give them positivity to walk away with.



Start by making sure that surfaces and floors are wiped down to prevent dirt and grime from catching anyone’s eye. If you’re worried about stubborn mould and watermarks, you could think about getting the shower and bath re-sealed to remove any mould build-up. Even this small change can often make the entire room look brand new. It will keep everything looking sparkly and clean. 

As well as this, it is a good idea to put out clean, folded towels when you’re expecting a viewing. It is another little thing that can have a real impact on how people see the space as a whole. They’ll be looking for potential, so make it easy for them and display how lovely everything could look if they lived there. Giving them a preview of what’s on offer will give them things to think about and they’ll soon realise all the advantages of your property. 

Remember to open the windows in bathrooms to get rid of condensation and excess moisture. This is often why you’ll find stubborn marks on the tiles or mirror, so it might save you some effort when cleaning too. It’s also a good idea to tidy away any medicines or toiletries that may be on display as you don’t really want people snooping around it and it will make the entire area more open.


The day of a viewing

While the general upkeep of your home will keep the bulk of things spic and span, there are some areas you should double-check before people come to view. Firstly, if it’s the middle of winter it will create a really welcoming environment to put the heating on for a while before they arrive. They’ll appreciate the warmth and it might even make them stick around for longer! It also shows them that the home is not draughty or cold at certain times in the year. 

Next, it always looks nice if you run the hoover around, particularly dusty areas to keep the floors looking new. And to accompany this, making sure each room is free of the odd mug or dressing gown on the floor will keep everything looking in order. It’s the things that go unnoticed day to day that people coming to view will pick up on first! Once you’re happy everything is clean and tidy you can think about making rooms smell nice and adding small touches like refreshing the vase of flowers on the window sill.

Lastly, we know you love your pets but other people might not. So see if a neighbour or family member can look after them for a while as to not scare any potential buyers away! It can also be off-putting to have dogs and cats running around after you while you’re trying to take everything in. If an agent is showing the people around, you often don’t need to be home. So you could make the most of it and take the dog for a walk - but make sure any other family members know not to go barging in as well!


We are your independent estate agents

All of these things together will create the perfect set-up for anyone interested in your property. While it is important to make a good impression and show off your home - we understand that you may still be living there at the same time. So don’t make it too stressful on yourself. The place doesn’t have to look un-lived in, nor does it need to be show home standard. But anything you do to make a bit of extra effort will benefit your journey to selling and finding a new home of your own.

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