28 June 2022

Summer Interior Design Idea's

Summer Interior Design Idea's

After the spring clean comes the summer spruce-up. Longer days and warmer evenings offer the perfect opportunity to tackle those home décor projects – especially if you have some time off work. Read on to be inspired by this year’s interior design trends.

Go green

Summer is the outdoor season, so why not celebrate nature inside? House plants clean the air and have a positive effect on our mental and physical health – and even the fake ones look attractive.

While a statement plant like tropical monstera stands out against a white wall and perfectly complements natural fibres, you can pick up stylish rope-tied hanging pots and tumbling plants – real or fake – to spruce-up areas where floor space is at a premium.

Be bold

For an instant transformation, infuse neutral rooms with a splash of colour – perhaps to an accent wall. Primary colours are in style right now, so think deep blues, yellow and red. Colourful artwork and photography can also add interest if you want to avoid painting.

Patterns are popular too. Keep an eye out for summery prints for your cushions, curtains, rugs and sheets. Just don’t overdo the kitsch – simple is often best.

Get glamorous

Rose gold, brass and copper tones can bring a little sunshine into your home. Offset your current décor by introducing metallic accents to light fittings and shades, kitchen accessories or candleholders.

Strapped for cash? Try upcycling shabby furniture with gold leaf, or spray your picture frames or coffee tables for some extra glitz.

Stay cool

Sometimes, we may need to retreat from the warmer weather. Blue hues can soothe the mind, while furniture and décor that nods to a chic, bohemian or vintage vibe can have the same effect. Equally, natural materials and throws, blankets, and hand-woven rugs can soften the impact of the bright light outside.

If you are looking to sell your home this summer, why not start by booking your free no-obligation valuation.

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Summer Interior Design Idea's

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