How to boost your kerb appeal from estate agents in Southsea

We all know how important kerb appeal is when it comes to putting your house on the market and actually getting a sale. Not only does it boost your chances of selling, but it can greatly increase the value of your home too. By not taking care of the exterior and everything that surrounds your house, you could be losing a great deal of money from the final offer. 

You want to make the best first impression on your potential buyers - give them a reason to say "wow!" and be excited to look inside. It doesn't have to cost a fortune to upgrade your exterior and there are plenty of ways to boost your kerb appeal that can be done DIY-style. But if you did want to take it that bit further, you have all the trades to choose from that could give your house a new lease of life.

Here are some tips on how to boost your kerb appeal from estate agents in Southsea.

Fix broken gutters & fencing

This sort of job often gets put to the bottom of the list when you're living somewhere you've been for a while. They can be a pain to sort out but can make a great difference to any potential buys who are viewing your home.

Firstly, it can be a safety issue. Buyers with pets or children are going to want to ensure the property is secure and safe when they have people or pets running around outside. Any broken gates could be a deal-breaker for family units especially. Also, leaky guttering or cracked pipes running outside the house will make it look unkept. Water can drip down onto the grass or pavements below, causing water damage like cracking or rotting. To stop the  knock-on effect of a broken gutter, make sure they're cleaned and repaired if needs be.

Broken fencing can also be a privacy issue. If they know it's been broken in the past, it's clear that it could happen again. Whether it was simply due to wear and tear, or other circumstances, it can decrease the value of the property as well as affecting the privacy you once had. Any missing fence panels or cracks and holes open up the garden and other outside spaces to nosey neighbours and passers-by. This can be off-putting for potential buyers. A lick of paint and repair work or new fencing altogether are both great options to avoid decreasing your house's value from broken gutters and fences.

Freshen up your front door

Being estate agents in Southsea, we know how appealing it can be to live in a coastal town. For a lot of people, you've got beaches and sea views right on your doorstep. This can be a great selling point. But whether you live on the coast or in the city centre, have you taken into consideration what your actual doorstep looks like? 

First impressions can make or break your property sale. As they walk up to the front door, you want guests and viewers alike to feel welcomed. An easy way to do this is to give your front door a lick of paint. Weathering and general use can leave it looking sad and dull, so without breaking the bank you can invest in a welcoming colour of paint and brighten up the front of the house. Don't forget to clean the windows if there are any on there, and get rid of those pesky cobwebs and watermarks around the frame too!

If you're looking for a more dramatic result, you could invest in a brand new door. It's a way of modernising an older property and is going to make a striking impression when people turn up. Also, if you're tight on space out the front this could be a new time to involve some potted plants or new decor right at the front door. It creates a seamless transition from outside to inside and leads you into the pristine interior!

Keep your windows spick and span

This is a low-cost way of boosting the kerb appeal of any property. These days, most window frames we see are white which get dirty very easily. They can quickly become dull and make the whole house look dingier than it should. If you don't want to spend money on this, a simple cloth and warm, soapy water would suffice. Wiping the frames and window sills down will immediately seem brighter and more inviting. However, if the dirt or rust is more stubborn - you can always repaint and freshen them up even more.

The windows are leading people to look inside, so if they're not inviting your potential buyers might not even want to look inside at where you've spent so long making a home. Don't forget the glass itself though. Especially if you're used to sticky fingers and/or wet noses around the house - you don't want the windows looking smeared and dirty. Make them sparkle and you'll notice the difference right away looking from the inside out as well as your viewers will from the outside in!

Pristine pathways

Kerb appeal is all about making your house's exterior attractive for potential buyers. This doesn't just mean everything that's attached to the house. As estate agents in Southsea, we often see people who have revamped the brickwork and cleaned the gutters but have neglected the front garden or pathways leading up to the house. Having an unappealing entrance can take away all the hard work done on the property's exterior and interior.

To start with, a good weeding session and power wash will make all the difference. We're all guilty of neglecting the weeds and from time to time but you'll probably find your driveway is a whole different colour underneath! Also, have a think about replacing any cracked or missing paving as it will make the entrance far more accessible for people with pushchairs, wheelchairs or mobility issues. Not only will the repairs be beneficial for kerb appeal, but for safety too.

Give your garden a makeover

We understand that not everyone has garden spaces. But if you do - it's important to maintain it in order to aid the value of the property. 

A neglected garden can transform a tidy, modern home into an unkempt, uninviting building. If the outside of your house is well looked after, it will reassure people that the inside is just as lovely! Now if you want to hire a landscape gardener it will usually make the biggest impression. However, it's not necessary to boost kerb appeal if you're working with a budget. There are ways you can improve your garden little by little to make a big impact.

We're going to mention those pesky weeds again. By tackling them at the start of the season, you can get there before the roots grow too much and they become stubborn tenants. Also, trimming overgrown plants and shrubs will open up the space, make it look bigger and much tidier. If you do this regularly it will also keep the plants looking healthier and won't be such a big job each time! 

It's surprising how much difference a freshly cut lawn can make too. Keeping the length down makes it look flatter and healthier. Invest in some grass seed if you're noticing dead patches - it will finish off the garden nicely. You don't have to have a green thumb to maintain your garden well. Just make sure any plants you do have are trimmed and watered so they stay healthy and keep it as tidy as possible! 

Exterior transformations

Depending on how old your property is, it is going to determine how much work may need to be done to make the most impact here. There are lots of tricks to transform the exterior for all different house types, budgets and capabilities. Firstly, touching up any brickwork with some masonry paint will freshen it up and get rid of the weathering effects that are unavoidable. You don't have to stick to the house's original colour either. We'd suggest steering clear of any outlandish colours, but something new could help modernise the building. 

Although they aren't common, if you have external shutters on your windows, they make for great character and even if you don't use them they are nice decorative elements. So these can always have a fresh coat of paint too to match the new and improved exterior. 

If you're looking to spend more to really change up the property, you could consider a complete recladding of the outside. This will set you back a few thousand pounds so it's definitely an investment but will almost certainly see a big impact on the value of the house afterwards! This decision also means you can work the design around the interior if you wish and make the whole property flow. 

Sell your house with kerb appeal

It goes without saying that the interior of a property is where most people prioritise when buying or selling. This is where you'll spend most of your time and it's the parts you'll be looking at most often. However, if the house isn't comprehensive as a whole, you could lose your potential buyers as well as value. 

Whether you're on a DIY budget or looking to completely revamp, there are plenty of ways you can maintain and upgrade your home to appeal more to buyers. Having the exterior looking smart will encourage people to carry on inside and reassure buyers that you've looked after it. They'll know they have something well-loved and cared for.

Beals: Your independent estate agents in Southsea

For almost three decades we have been at the heart of the local community, delivering our special brand of property sales, rentals and financial services. From humble beginnings and just 26 people, we have grown into Hampshire's leading independent estate agent, with offices in 10 prime locations. We have a dedicated team of 150 property experts waiting to help you achieve your dreams. Our independence makes us unique because we can provide a personal service from our many high street branches without being controlled remotely from a head office located on the other side of the country.

We offer an unparalleled experience which is why we have so many repeat customers, we know how to get it right every time. Whether you be a buyer, seller, landlord or tenant, we've got you covered. Contact us here by submitting an enquiry form or call one of our dedicated branches, the individual contact numbers for each can be found here.

We were all first-time buyers once upon a time. We all stood nervously in an estate agents office, asking to see a selection of their affordable properties. Buying your first home is a huge deal. If you had a time machine, what advice would you give your fresh-faced self before entering into a purchase?

These are the questions that every first-time buyer should be asking but rarely do. So, let’s kick off with the most obvious.

1. Why Are You Selling?

Sounds pretty obvious, doesn’t it. Finding out why the seller is moving reveals a lot about your potential purchase. Their reasons could be completely innocent. Maybe they are relocating with their job or moving to the country for retirement? 

However, maybe they have had issues with neighbours, or they have high crime levels in their area, forcing them to make a move? Now, we get that when you ask this question, no seller is going to come clean about adverse reasons for selling, but under current laws, if you ask the estate agent, they have to tell you the truth.

Beal’s prides itself on being open, honest and frank. If you want to know something, we will endeavour to get you accurate information. 

Use technology to get some answers. Rightmove and Zoopla provide you with lots of clues. If you notice the property has been sold many times over a short period, that should start the alarm bells ringing. Again, it could be innocent or coincidence, but then again, maybe not.

Ask the agent about unusual sales patterns. Also, has the house been on and off the market before. This might indicate the seller has changed their mind or a previous buyer has withdrawn from the purchase. The obvious question here is why?

So, the next time you view a property, slip that question into the conversation and gauge the seller’s reaction when they answer. It might reveal a lot.

2. How Long Has It Been On The Market? 

Now, before you ask this question, do some research of your own. The property websites are a great place to start. Rightmove and Zoopla give you a complete history of the activity associated with the property you are viewing. 

You can see when it first came to the market, whether it has had a price reduction, and whether it has previously sold and fallen through. You can even see when the seller changed estate agents. Why is this information important? 

Knowing how long the property has been on the market aids you when it comes to making offers. Knowing that it has a long sales history might mean it is more likely to take a price drop. Similarly, if you see it has previously reduced in price, that might indicate that the seller is keen to negotiate. 

If the seller has recently changed estate agents, it could signify desperation that they are losing patience with the sales process and just want to get on with it. These are all signs that should be music to the ears of any first-time buyers.

Generally, you are more likely to get a better deal on a property that has been on the market for longer than a house listed yesterday. 

3. What Is Included In The Sale? 

As a first-time buyer, any help you can get is greatly appreciated. Buying a new home is costly enough without all the added expense of kitting it out. So, anything the seller leaves might save you a lot of money. 

Ovens, fireplaces, log burners and other fixtures are expensive, but once fitted, generally remain in the house after the seller moves. But be careful because it is not always the case. You may have fallen in love with their fireplace, and it’s one of the reasons why you want the house, but when you move in, the fireplace is gone. 

The fixtures and fittings list details everything inside the house and tells you what’s there, if it’s staying or if the seller wants to sell it to you. But you only get to see this later in the sales process, so asking about what is included in the sale helps you formulate your offer based on the information you have. 

It also saves you money. You could offer to buy the seller’s range cooker for a fraction of the price of a new one. Likewise, there might be no way you could afford that log burner when brand new, but second hand, it is within your budget. 

Plus, sellers are much more likely to be generous at the point where they think they have a buyer. You are the one they want, so use your appeal to drive a hard bargain. 

4. What’s The Seller’s Situation?

This is a good question to ask because it tells you whether the seller has found a property or not and whether you will find yourself embroiled in a long, drawn-out chain. If the seller has yet to find a purchase, ask yourself if you are prepared to wait.

Because you are a first-time buyer, and it happens to be the house of your dreams, you have the luxury of time, but how long you wait depends on a ready supply of properties for the seller to look at. 

The truth is, mostly it comes down to old fashioned good luck. The seller is in a quandary because they can’t move until they have a buyer, but until they get a buyer, they can’t make an offer on another property, so if they haven’t found an onward purchase, cut them some slack if you can and give them some time to go and look.

However, as a word of caution, once the seller finds a property, what is the situation up the chain. Do the people selling the property above need to find or are they going to vacate?

And speaking of vacating, it brings us nicely to our next question.

5. Will The Seller Vacate?

Not every seller will, so before you throw your hat into the ring and commit financially to the purchase, ask yourself if you can be patient. If you find a seller that will vacate, celebrate your good fortune and proceed with the purchase. 

It might be that you only look at properties where the seller has a complete chain, or they are vacating. Remember that as a first-time buyer, you are like gold dust to most sellers because you have no lower chain that could collapse mid-sale. 

6. What Are The Neighbours Like?

You could also extend this question to include the local area. Take as much interest in the next-door properties as you do the house you want to buy. You’d be amazed how much a poorly maintained neighbouring home affects the value of your property.

We don’t expect any earth-shattering revelations about Marjorie next door and her habit of gardening naked or the all-night parties in the house across the road. Still, if you ask the question under current laws, you will receive a truthful answer. 

Another tip is to visit the house at different times of the day and night and on different days of the week. Sit outside in your car and watch, look and listen. It may sound a bit stalker-ish, but all you are doing is protecting your investment. 

If you get it wrong, it’s you left suffering having to look at Marjorie’s prize melons every time the sun comes out. 

7. Does It Have Planning Permission and Conform To Fire Safety Regulations

Extensions and loft conversions are significant home improvement projects and require conformity to national and local controls. While you may not need planning permission for a loft conversion unless you are altering the roofline, you do need fire regulations approval. 

Similarly, extensions are subject to planning laws, as are some garden buildings that include garages and cabins/sheds. If your neighbour wants to put up a garage, it has to be so many metres high and a certain distance from your fence line. Anyone attempting to build Garagemahal will be in breach of the planning regulations. 

Before you attempt to buy your new home, ask the question. You’d be amazed how many homes don’t have the necessary approvals for their major improvement projects. While no conveyancer worth their salt will let the sale proceed, it will still cost you money if you have to pull out further down the line. 

It’s Good To Ask Questions

Asking questions gets you the answers that you may not want but you certainly need. Knowing in advance will save you money, heartache and potentially losing out on replacement properties while attempting to complete your current purchase.

Seek the services of a reputable estate agent like Beal’s. While they may work for the seller, they are duty-bound to deliver honest, accurate and timely information. They want you as a buyer. The seller wants you as a buyer. 

Buying and selling houses in England and Wales is based on trust. Trust that the seller will do what they say, tell you the truth and deliver your new home in the condition that you expect. Likewise, you have a responsibility to follow the same code. 

Nine times out of ten, house sales fall apart for entirely avoidable reasons. And as first-time buyers, asking the right questions is crucial to making that purchase a success. 

Lying between the bustling town of Portsmouth and Southampton, Farnham is a historic market town offering residents a vibrant, lively lifestyle, just an hour and a half from the capital. Favoured by naval officers for it’s ideal location, the area is renowned for its wide highstreet lined with stunning Georgian townhouses and other period properties. It’s no wonder it's an area ever-growing in popularity once again, perfect for those looking to relocate from the hustle and bustle of London. 

There's a whole host of things to explore within the picturesque town and it’s even been named the second-best place to live in the UK! You can get lost adventuring throughout the surrounding countryside or take to the water, sailing the shimmering sea. In today's article, our team at Beals estate agents will be showcasing some of our top picks for the area and why you'll want to search houses for sale in Fareham when hunting for your next property.

What to do in Fareham? Our top picks for you...

Whether you are looking to relocate or are visiting the area over a long weekend, this picturesque town has something to offer everyone - from young families wanting to reconnect with nature to single social butterflies looking to discover the best independent bars. It's no wonder houses for sale in Fareham are in high demand, with the stunning, historic properties with an array of options either on the water, in the town centre or countryside only adding to the area's desirability.

#1 Dive into history at Portchester Castle

We, of course, couldn't begin without one of the most important historical buildings in the south of England. Originally built in the late third century, Portchester Castle is the most impressive and best-preserved of the ‘Saxon shore’ forts. As you may have therefore guessed, the area was of Saxon origin and known as Ferne Ham, meaning village by the ferns. The castle is in a commanding location on the harbour and with wide-open grounds, it’s clear to see why it was so favoured for defensive battles.

It's now managed by English Heritage and costs just under £10 to enter; the castle has fantastic views over the harbour that you certainly won't want to miss and worth scaling the winding staircase atop the keep. Just remember to bring your camera!

#2 Browse a market unlike any other

Fareham's markets have long been recognised as unlike any other in England, noted as the best traditional open-air market and, therefore, attracting visitors from all over the region and beyond. At heart, the historic, lively spot remains a market town and today hosts an award-winning Farmers' Market boasting nearly forty regular stallholders on the first Saturday of each month. And, a second found in the West Street precinct every Monday - you’ll be spoilt for choice!

This monthly market is a wonderful opportunity for shoppers to buy fresh, seasonal produce directly from the producer - all stallholders are within 100 miles of the market so the freshness is far superior to that you find in the supermarket! Ensure you pay a visit when viewing houses for sale in Fareham and treat yourself to some delicious, locally produced food.

Plus, there are special seasonal markets on Easter Saturday and the Saturday before Christmas, showcasing the area's local produce. Be sure to pop by to pick up the best turkey you’ll ever have!

#3 Hideaway and enjoy the wildlife at Titchfield Haven National Nature Reserve

Did you know Titchfield Haven Nature Reserve is a manmade habitat? The wetland only took shape after the mouth of the River Meon was dammed in the 17th century to build the Titchfield Canal. It’s now an excellent site for birdwatching and attracts many from across the country hoping to catch a glimpse of some of the rare species on offer. From any of the eight easy-access viewing hides, wildlife enthusiasts can spot a variety of animals such as deer and foxes - or one of the 500 species of insect! 

The area is a world away from the busy cities of Portsmouth and Southampton, ideal for a weekend escape to reconnect with nature. Wander down the canal in Summer and be sure to stop for a moment to watch the dragonflies dancing across the water, you might even spot a water vole too. There are events held throughout the year for all ages for those wishing to learn more about the natural environment.

#4 Treat yourself to a tipple or two at the nearby Three Choirs Hampshire Vineyard

One of the most reputable wine labels in the country, Three Choirs has two vineyards, one of which is located just five miles away in Shedfield. The winery is actually based in Gloucestershire and the grapes are shipped over after harvest, but the Hampshire vineyards do organise exquisite wine and dinner experiences. Ideal for a special date night with a difference, you can enjoy a delicious drink - or two, in the sunshine as you learn more about the wine making process. 

You could easily be mistaken for thinking you’ve been transported to the south of France! Tuck into tantalising dishes after your wine tasting, and of course, no trip would be complete without a bottle of Three Choirs acclaimed range to take home too. 

#5 Adventure along shingle-filled Hill Head Beach

Set across from the Solent from the Isle of Wight is the length stretch of shingle beach, known as Hill Head. It’s a fantastic starting point for a variety of coastal-path hikes, offering walkers endless miles of breathtaking ocean views. As one of the busiest sea lanes to and from the English Channel, you’ll also be able to watch the ships roll in for hours on end.

There are a number of routes that will suit a variety of walking abilities - fun for all the family, especially on a sunny day with a picnic in tow! Or, try out a little windsurfing or fishing - Hill Head is a renowned spot for both. 

#6 Discovery the background of the town at the Westbury Manor Museum

Step in the stunning Georgian manor house, formerly home to no less than six admirals of the fleet and explore the area’s rich history. From the borough’s Stone Age settlement origins and infamous workhouse scandal of 1837, to its long traditions of brickmaking and strawberry production. 

With interactive elements for all ages to enjoy, it's an interesting day out for all the family - you can even become an amateur archaeologist for the day and handle real artefacts! The museum also hosts an array of events throughout the year so you'll want to visit time and again. After exploring for hours along the corridors, relax in the tranquil gardens, inspired by the Victorian passion for collecting curiosities from across the globe!

#7 Foodies rejoice at the huge choice of independent cafes and restaurants

Fareham boasts an impressive choice of independent restaurants and cafes. In fact, these delicious spots are some of the town's best-kept secrets, often below the foodie radar. Treat yourself to fantastic Three Joes for the best sourdough pizza in town (and our team’s favourite!) or spice things up for a family meal in Antonio’s Spanish tapas bar. You really will be spoilt for choice!

Houses for sale in Fareham: Why choose the area?

Fareham is a wonderful area, rich with cultural activities that both local residents and visitors can enjoy. Whether you want to spend the weekend browsing through luxury homeware stores amongst stunning Georgian architecture or prefer exploring some of the breathtaking views across the harbour right on your doorstep, there is something for everyone in the historic market town. And, with enviable transportation links, a long weekend away to Europe or a day trip to London becomes all the more possible should you crave a change of scenery. 

There are a variety of different properties available for sale in Fareham, a range that suits anyone from first-time buyers to those looking to take their final step up the property ladder, settling down in the town for retirement. When searching for your dream home, it's essential you work with an estate agent that understands your priorities and builds a relationship with you, catering their services accordingly. 

Beals: Working with an estate agent you can trust...

Our team at Beals are dedicated to you, building a relationship based on trust to ensure you walk away with your dream home. Serving the community for nearly three decades, we've grown remarkably over the years thanks to our result-driven methods and are now one of the largest independent estate agents in the county. We pride ourselves in our local knowledge, years of experience and unrivalled professional service - we know each individual and each property is different, so we tailor our approach to guarantee success for you.

We offer an unparalleled experience which is why we have so many repeat customers, we know how to get it right every time. Whether you be a buyer, seller, landlord or tenant, we've got you covered. Contact us here by submitting an enquiry form or call one of our dedicated branches, the individual contact numbers for each can be found here.

Looking for flats to rent in Southampton? Here are 5 things you need to know about the area first

If you’re on the hunt for a new place to live on the south coast, Southampton should definitely be one of the top places for you to consider. With a mixture of lively urban living and stunning scenery on your doorstep, there’s something for everyone. And, there are plenty of available flats to rent in Southampton to suit all budgets if you’re craving city living!

So, you’re thinking about making the move to this bustling port city. What do you need to know about it before you make your decision? Here at Beal’s, we pride ourselves on our extensive local knowledge that helps potential renters make the right choice for them. We’ve put together a list of the 5 top things you need to know about Southampton. From the gorgeous green spaces on offer to the environmentally conscious measures in place, it truly is a great place to live for all sorts of reasons! If you’re looking to make the move, or you’re on the fence, we think you’ll want to know about these five things first:

The countryside is on your doorstep

One of the best things about Southampton is its proximity to so many green spaces. In fact, it has been ranked as the 3rd best city in the UK for green spaces. Right in the centre of the city, you will find the spacious Southampton Common, probably the most famous of the city’s 54 green spaces. It’s popular among families, cyclists, runners, photographers, and everyone else who enjoys the stunning nature that it has to offer. 

But that’s not all! The city is also located on the doorstep of the gorgeous New Forest. With picturesque countryside, beautiful beaches, and quintessential English villages, it’s popular among tourists from all over the world. Who wouldn’t want that on their doorstep? And, if you want to feel the sand between your toes (despite the changeable British weather!), the popular spot of Bournemouth is also located less than an hour away by car. 

If you’re a nature lover, there are plenty of flats to rent in Southampton that are only a stone’s throw away from one of the city’s many green spaces. So, if you’re looking for the perfect combination of city living and relaxing nature, this could be the place for you. 

It’s a historical centre

Many people are surprised to discover just how much history the city of Southampton has, dating back centuries! If you’re a history buff, you’ll really be spoiled for choice. Here are just a few of the historical events and facts that you can discover:

Alongside this abundant history, the city also has several museums, art galleries, theatres, and other cultural venues to enjoy. So, whether you’re looking for flats to rent in Southampton’s historic city centre, or something a bit more modern, there’s plenty of culture and history for everyone to explore!

Looking for a fun and lively lifestyle? Look no further

These days, Southampton is perhaps best known for its well-regarded universities, Southampton Solent and The University of Southampton. Indeed, the University of Southampton is often recognised as one of the best universities in the world, belonging to the prestigious Russell Group. 

Due to the large student population (the universities are home to over 30,000 students combined), the city is always lively! If you enjoy the nightlife, there are plenty of pubs, bars, and clubs to choose from to suit all tastes and budgets, from a cheap student night out to something a little more refined. The town centre is also home to many shops, enjoyed by students, permanent residents, and tourists alike. You can find all of the popular chains as well as smaller independents. There’s even a large IKEA- perfect for picking up furniture for your new home!

It’s well connected 

If you love city living but want to get away from the capital, you should certainly consider flats to rent in Southampton. With all of the perks that come from living outside of London, such as a cheaper cost of living, proximity to the coast, and a lower population density, Southampton has become well known as a commuter town. And, for good reason. It has plenty of stations situated on direct lines to London, Portsmouth, and beyond. In fact, you can be in the capital in under two hours. As working from home becomes more and more common, lots of former London dwellers are making the move to the south coast for a slower pace of life that still has everything a large city has to offer.

If you fancy jetting away for a while, there’s also Southampton airport which runs flights to various European destinations in both Winter and Summer. And, with around 450 cruise ships departing from the docks each year, it’s also the ideal place for lovers of the cruise lifestyle!

Getting around the city itself couldn’t be easier, too. In fact, the city centre is relatively compact, so getting around on foot or by bike is a popular option. There’s also an extensive and affordable bus network (of which many of the vehicles are electric!) to take you where you want to go in an environmentally friendly manner.

An eco-friendly city

All of the green spaces mark Southampton as a great place to live, full of nature and wildlife. But did you know that it’s a green city in other ways as well? It’s the only place in the UK with a geothermal power station. This means that it’s one of the best cities in the UK in terms of overall CO2 emissions. Coupled with measures such as the electric buses, and the Green City Charter (aimed at making Southampton carbon-neutral by 2030), this is great news for the environment! In 2020, it was even named as one of the top ten most eco-friendly cities in the UK by Honda. So, if you want to live in a place that cares about the environment its community lives in, Southampton could be perfect for you. 

Why choose Beal’s when looking for flats to rent in Southampton?

Here at Beal’s, we love the city of Southampton! We think that it has so much to offer for students, young professionals, and growing families alike. And, we are passionate about using our local knowledge to find the perfect flat to rent for you, no matter your situation. With offices in the Southampton areas of Bitterne, Eastleigh, and Shirely, we’ve got it covered, no matter which area you want to live in! But why else should you choose us to help you find your next rental property? Here are just a few reasons:

In Southampton, you really are spoiled for choice when it comes to location and property types. Some people prefer a modern and spacious flat overlooking the picturesque marinas in the town centre. On the other hand, you may prefer to be a little further out, enjoying closer proximity to the common and other green spaces. We even have a large selection of student properties on offer if you are coming here to study! To find out more about the flats to rent in Southampton that we have available to suit all needs and budgets, please click here to refine your search and discover the perfect property for you.

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