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  • Ensure you’re fulfilling your responsibility as an employer.
    • Our experience could prove vital in providing you the best option for both you and your companies needs.

    Are you a business owner? Do you know about the UK pension shake-up, your responsibility as an employer and your duty to contribute for the first time?

    All employers are now required by law to automatically enrol their staff into a Qualifying Workplace Pension Scheme.  The largest employers have already begun to meet their legal obligations and all firms will gradually need to follow suit over the coming months.

    Depending on the size of your employed workforce, there will be a compulsory deadline for you to adhere to.  Deferring your obligations is not an option and if not met, the penalties enforced will be painful!

    Now is the time to start making preparations for these changes as they are likely to have a financial and administrative impact on your business.  To help guide you through your obligations, responsibilities and the options available to you, one of our auto enrolment specialists will be happy to provide you with professional advice.

    With several schemes already administered by ourselves, we have the experience and know how to provide you with the best option to suit yours and your companies needs.