Pensions & investments

Preparing for retirement

Pensions & investments

Be prepared for your future.


Retirement income

It’s necessary to make sure that your retirement income will be enough when you retire. You may have multiple pension funds in place already, or possibly none at all. An essential step in your wealth management is to ensure that these pensions are performing at their very best if you have one, or setup and managed if you don’t.


Pension reviews

In order to assess your situation and give you the best possible pension advice we will need to understand your previous history and any existing pension contracts you may have. In short we conduct an audit of your present arrangements, including state benefits and any SERPS entitlements.



We will evaluate the level of pension that your current arrangements might expect to provide at retirement which allows us to advise a suitable approach to address any funding gaps between what you want and what you might currently receive.


Reaching retirement age

Once you reach retirement we can also advise on the various options available to you, thus ensuring that you take your pension benefits in the most suitable and efficient manner.


Thinking about investing?

Thinking about Investing? Whether you are investing a lump sum, or putting aside small amounts regularly, we can help you to make the most of tax-efficient savings schemes (like ISAs) and can design and recommend a suitable portfolio which is specific to your own needs.


Understanding your needs

Our personal investment planning process enables us to gain an understanding of your investment aims, the timescale over which you are happy to invest, the access that you may require, and a consideration of any taxation implications.


A tailored portfolio

We can then tailor a savings portfolio that maximises your savings and meets your requirements precisely.

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