Beal's Rent Guarantee Service

Guaranteed monthly rental income on time, every month, regardless of whether your tenant pays.
rent guarantee

beal's estate agents rent guarantee service

No void periods, no set-up fees and no commission!

Few things in life are guaranteed, except when it comes to your rent, thanks to our rent guarantee scheme. So, how does it work, and why is it the best option for you?
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Rent Guarantee

What Are The Advantages

The definition of a stress-free rental is getting your rent paid on time every month. Our rent guarantee scheme makes this possible, removing the risks and hassles from the process. Imagine never worrying about unpaid rent ever again.

If this appeals to you, you are in the right place.
Guaranteed monthly rental income on time, every month.
Get paid even if the rent is late or unpaid.
No set-up fees, monthly commissions or hidden charges.
We deal with all the tenant’s queries, questions and complaints.
All court costs and evictions covered in the rare event you should need them.
Comprehensive property management.
Regular property inspections.
No gas safety certificate costs. *Gold Service Only*

new research by homelet and dataloft

78% of renters feel that the cost-of-living crisis will impact their ability to pay rent.

rent guarantee

rent guarntee - CLAIM STATISTICS

Claims, possessions & evictions

The GOV.UK website recently published claims, possession and eviction statistics for previous years. Our expert partner's HomeLet reviewed this data comparing 2021 vs 2022.

The overview is as follows:

Possession claims  +107% - 78,706 in 2022 compared to 38,011 in 2021
Possession orders +152%  - 58,804 in 2022 compared to 23,321 in 2021
Eviction warrants +110% - 31,767 in 2022 compared to 15,122 in 2021.

With rents and claims at an all-time high, many of our landlords are opting to switch from our managed services and fully secure their investment by having Beal's pay their rent.

Beal's Gold and Silver services are a unique solution to rent guarantee which avoids the need for third-party insurance claims and the worry of having to outlay legal fees to evict a tenant. You'll find comfort knowing your rent will always be paid on time, even if the tenant is unable to pay.  One less thing to worry about this year.

rent guarantee


How it Works

With a high-quality tenant, life is so much easier, so how about having Beal’s Independent Letting Agents as your tenant? We then guarantee you a fixed rental income every month for the duration of the tenancy.

You will only ever deal with us because the contract is between you, the landlord and Beal’s Independent Letting Agents. We then sub-let your property to a carefully selected tenant, giving you one less thing to worry about.


Risk Free

We take all the risks and responsibility of managing your property, giving you the peace of mind that all landlords want. And thanks to our comprehensive property management and regular inspections, we hand it back to you in the condition we found it, subject to fair wear and tear.

Case Study

Possible scenario:

Imagine you have a tenant who has been in your property for three years, always paid rent on time and has been a good tenant. Even though the market rate for the property has increased, you have kept the rent at £900 per month as you appreciate the current challenging climate.

However, your tenant has been struggling to pay rent each month due to the increased cost of living. While they have not missed any payments, they have been using up their savings to cover expenses. Unfortunately, their savings have now run out and they are in arrears of £1500 with no sign of being able to catch up.

You were hoping that your tenant would vacate the property. However, the tenant spoke to the local council and was advised to stay in the property until a Possession Order had been granted. This meant you had to start eviction proceedings.

Due to ongoing court delays caused by a significant increase in possession proceedings, more than double the previous year, the eviction process lasted 9 months. This could have left you with rent arrears of £4500 and legal costs of £1500.

Thankfully you had rent protection in place! With our rent guarantee service, you would have had peace of mind knowing that you would still receive your rental income, even if your tenant couldn't pay. Our service would have covered rent arrears and legal costs, saving you time and money.

Peace OF Mind

Dealing with uncertainty

You never know what’s around the corner, but there are things you can do to make your landlord experience easier. Given the devastation of Covid-19, rising interest rates and the cost-of-living crisis, the rental market has had its fair share of challenges.

Imagine a scenario where your tenant loses their job and cannot pay the rent. Without Rent Guarantee, your losses could run into the thousands.

Most renters are young adults, and studies show that people under 25 are twice as likely to lose their job or fall into financial difficulties.

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What Next?

If the  cost-of-living crisis and years of uncertainty ahead has made you more cautious and you like the peace of mind our Rent Guarantee scheme offers. Please contact Beal’s Independent Letting Agents to discuss your options

Don't leave your rental income to chance. With our rent guarantee service, you can protect yourself against the unexpected and ensure a steady stream of rental income. 

Contact us today. A lettings expert is waiting to speak to you.
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Guaranteed Rent

Peace of Mind

Without Rent Guarantee, this case study could have been a lot worse, but thanks to our scheme, the landlord lost nothing. Other property owners across the country who didn’t have access to a Rent Guarantee scheme were not so lucky.

At Beal’s Independent Letting Agents, we believe that nothing should put your investment at risk, which is why we pride ourselves on offering a first-class Rent Guarantee service.
Independent and proud.
Comprehensive sales, lettings, surveying and financial services.
10-office network across Hampshire.
150 dedicated and expertly trained team members.
Almost 30 years of local rental experience.

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