Step by Step Lettings

Our Step by Step Lettings guide will take you through a

an overview of the steps and the processes involved

when it comes to letting a property.


Accurate appraisal

Your target ought to be to let your property at the very best feasible cost in the smallest possible time. Our skilled valuers perform 1000′s of valuations every single month offering us unmatched information of property values in your region.
This is why we routinely attain the asking price across all our clients’ properties and in many cases exceed their asking price.
If you’re interested in getting an appraisal call or visit one of our thirteen offices, the details of which can be found here.


Selecting an estate agent

When deciding on a letting agent there are several factors which you may want to take into consideration – the office opening hours, their availability to conduct viewings, their presence on the high street and what type of marketing your property will be given. These are crucial to receiving the greatest rental value for your property.
You should also find out if your agent will arrange your government-required Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) on your behalf or if this is something you’ll have to sort yourself. You are liable for ensuring this document is available to potential and future tenants. Beals can prepare this for you.


Advantages of Corporate Services

Beals aids hundreds of companies that are searching for properties for their staff.
Letting your property using this method has the advantage of a broad selection of applicants from reliable businesses, prepared to pay a premium for higher levels of service and reassurance.


Property Management

Property Management can be crucial to seeing the highest rental earnings on your property. Many tenants demand on renting managed properties and are usually prepared to pay a greater amount of return to guarantee this service.
Instructing Beals to manage your property allows you rest easy knowing that both your property and tenant will be cared for 24/7. Your committed Property Manager will look after the general daily management and more intricate concerns such as emergency maintenance, collection of rent, transfer of utilities and much more.


Presenting your property

First impressions are crucial and is often the key to gaining a successful let.
Before marketing your property consider dealing with any outstanding DIY jobs you have been meaning to get done, add a new coat of paint where needed and try to avoid cluttering up rooms as this will make them appear smaller. Beal’s team of dedicated professional ‘Photographers’ will then take photographs, create 360° tours, produce interactive floorplans and write thorough property descriptions to give potential tenants the best first impression of your property possible.


Getting your property ready for tenancy

Before you let your property for the first time you must receive a specialist and complete inventory. This will set out the condition and contents of the property. Beals will carry out a specialist inventory on your account.

Long term tenancies (6 months or more)
You are accountable for verifying that the tenants have set up accounts with utility companies, telephone providers, council tax and TV licensing.

Short term tenancies (up to 6 months)
You will keep responsibility for the utility accounts, council tax and TV licence, as these charges are integrated in the rent. The tenant will be accountable for any telecommunication services.


Marketing your property

To find your ideal tenant you will need to give your property the highest publicity across a wide platform of media.
When you instruct Beals to let your property you will immediately gain the advantage of our unique, thorough marketing package, including: exposure on our brand new state of the art website, coloured property details, coverage on our property portals and email and SMS notifications.


The Viewings Process

Our opening hours are crucial to increase viewing chances for your property -a large number of our viewings are carried out after work and at weekends as we realise that sometimes clients need us to be flexible to fit in with their hectic schedules. These viewings also mean we can use our experience to help let your property and also answer any questions you might have. Our offices are open 8:30am-7pm Monday to Friday and 9am-5pm Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.


The Offer Process

As soon as an offer is received we will contact you to establish the complete details of an offer as well as any special terms and then we will help you decide whether or not to accept. Ultimately though despite what we advise the decision is entirely down to you.
Once you accept an offer we will do the following, no matter whether your property is managed or not:

  • Acquire references from the tenants referees.
  • Set up a signing date for the Tenancy Agreement
  • Obtain the moving-in payment (rent + deposit)

We can in addition, for an additional fee, prepare your property for the move-in and:

  • Carry out the check-in and inventory
  • Arrange a date for a Gas Safety Inspection and Portable Appliance test to be performed (Required by law)
  • Get a professional cleaner to come to your property and give it a complete professional clean before the move-in

For your benefit, where appropriate we will keep the deposit as a stakeholder and register this with a deposit safety scheme, resulting in a quicker and more effective deposit release process at the end of the tenancy so no more stressful waiting for the deposit release!

Landlord Fee’s will be due.  Read more about them here



On completion, keys will be given to the inventory clerk or the tenant on the moving-in day.  For managed properties, we will give the tenant the contact details of their specialist Property Manager.  Your property has now been let with Beals. Congratulations, you can now rest assured that your property will be looked after.