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Our professional approach to conveyancing


Speed up your sale by being legally prepared.


Choosing the correct solicitors

We have selected only the best legal firms that specialise in conveyancing. All provide great service and deliver excellent value, ensuring you receive the cheapest conveyancing available.

The ability to organise your legals online provides a convenience to our service, as we ensure there is dedicated assistance available to you at all times, including weekday evenings and weekends.

Our accessible, convenient and effective approach results in fewer than 10% of cases failing to reach completion. Offering a fixed fee conveyancing service with no hidden extras, we can guarantee that you will pay no legal fees if you do not succeed in moving.

Legally Prepared

Speed up your sale

By getting Legally Prepared at the point of instructing us to sell your property, much of the legal work can be conducted before a suitable buyer is found, ensuring valuable time is saved and a contract prepared immediately, which saves, on average, 3-4 weeks off your sale time.

As a local and well-known independent estate agent, we have established strong working relationships with many local solicitors. This not only allows us more control of the legal process but also allows your transaction to conclude as quickly as possible with the minimum of stress and fuss. We offer a service design to get you moved for the best possible price in the quest possible time.

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