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Beal's are proud sponsors of your local schools, from Southampton to Portsmouth we have sponsored an incredible 80+ schools since 2016.

Schools often lack funding for events such as Summer and Winter fayres, making local business donations like ours extremely important for the children. We design and supply banners to advertise the school's event, as well as donating tablets for raffle prizes, cash donations and even holding stalls such as 'throw a sponge at the agent' and 'guess how many sweets in the jar'. 

Unfortunately for the past two years sponsoring local events like this has been difficult for us to participate in.  With numerous lockdowns, cancelled events and covid restrictions now a thing of the past, we are excited to once again have the opportunity to show our support for the community and continue sponsoring schools all around Hampshire and Portsmouth.

So far in 2022 we have sponsored the below school's Summer Fayres:

results direct from the school

2022 Summer Fayre's

Woodcot primary school - 27th May

"We spent more than usual on this special Jubilee event, giving every child a pin badge and purchasing stones to create a design for our sensory garden path, but even so the total raised was great! Total amount raised was an incredible £377.75, £108 of what was raised has gone towards a defibrillator case that will be put in place for the whole community to have access to. Thank you again to Beal's for your support and donations."

Newtown C of e primary school - 24th june

"Thank you so much for your support with our recent fayre, it was an amazing day and our best event so far! The total raised on the day was a whopping £1728.48, all funds raised will be put towards our new outdoor learning area and some new iPads to support our computer curriculum."

Oakwood primary school - 1st july

"We raised just over £1,900 which is just amazing, thank you so much again for all your support. Honestly having Grace and Dan at the event was brilliant and the tablets as the main raffle prize really did sell the tickets. The banners were so eye catching, it made sure people didn't forget the event and helped us have a huge turn out. Work is already underway on plans to create the quiet area the children have asked for along with some story sheds for our Ks1. The children loved having this type of event again and we hope to keep making things even better for them. So thank you to Beal's for your help in making that happen."

Shakespeare infant and junior school - 1st july

"The event was really successful. It was the first time both schools held a Fayre together and we had hundreds and hundreds of people attend. We raised almost £4,000 which is more than double what we normally do. The donated prizes were highly appreciated. And the banners looked really good. Thank you for the opportunity."

highbury nursery & primary school - 9th july 

"The summer fayre was a great success, with the raffle profit higher than it has been for a number of years. The winner of the Amazon fire was over the moon, thank you for your donation and continued."

valentine primary school - 16th july 

"The summer fayre on Saturday was a huge success, We've had some really good feedback. The stage and performers were a firm favourite with attendees. Thank you for providing the Amazon tablet for our raffle and advertising for our advent. Look forward to working with you for future events."

milton park primary school - 16th july 

"I'm delighted to let you know that we raised nearly £1,000 which is an incredible amount that will be used throughout the coming school year to help support activities across all year groups. Your support was integral in helping us raise this amount and many thanks again for your generosity in supporting us."


From Carla - PTA Valentine Primary School

"Beal's have kindly helped us with promoting our school events. Nothing has been too much trouble and every enquiry has been dealt with quickly and efficiently. Grace and Dan have been a delight to deal with. We would like to thank them for their continued support over the years."

From Stefanie - Newtown C of E Primary School

"Thank you to Beal's for sponsoring our school Summer Fayre in June 2022. We are delighted that Beal's continues to be an important community partner."

From Anne - PSA Milton Park Primary School

"On behalf of the Milton Park Primary School PSA, as well as all the staff and pupils, thank you once again for your support for our recent Summer Fayre held at the school on Saturday. Your support was integral in helping us raise this amount and many thanks again for your generosity in supporting us."


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