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The Knights Foundation

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We've teamed up with Michael Nobes at Richmond Motor Group to donate a Brand New MG3 Excite in aid of The Knights Foundation Hub.


The Knights Foundation

The Knights Foundation provides support to disabled children, deprived children, seriously ill children, and their families. 

Help us to support them in their next mission to create a community hub that embraces inclusivity and provides a wide range of services to empower young people with disabilities. The hub will serve as a place of support, inspiration, and growth, offering various programs and facilities designed to enhance the lives of young people with disabilities and equip them with valuable skills.
Their story

Fundraising & Donations


Brand New MG3 Excite

We’re excited to announce we’ve teamed up with Michael Nobes at Richmond Motor Group to donate a Brand New MG3 Excite in aid of The Knights Foundation Hub.

Our Snowdon Challenge

1,085 meter ascent, 8 miles, 6 ½ hours of walking, and over £8,300 raised for our chosen charities! A huge thank you and well done to the Beal’s team for not only taking part & fundraising but for pushing your limits in aid of charity

Quarterly Donations

We are honoured as an independent Estate Agents to have the opportunity to give back to our local community. For 2023 we have dedicated ourselves to supporting The Knights Foundation through  our quarterly donations & fundraising efforts.


The Knights Foundation

Their Story

The Knights Foundation provide support and equipment to disabled children, deprived children, seriously ill children and their families. It is also their aim to know more about these children and young carers and what they can provide to support them in their role. This support is also offered to those who may be restricted from having a good or happy life.

The trust is driven by Nicky Banger, CEO and our Board of Trustees with the support of the Sub-Committees, each in their own specialist areas. They have firsthand experience in living with disabilities. Nicky Banger is the father of a child with a disability, his beautiful daughter Sophia has cerebral palsy. Nicky, his wife, son and Sophia all know how tiring it is when having to rely on or care for someone day in and day out.

Sophia was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy over 15 years ago and it changed his focus on what he wanted to do, and really from that point going forwards his aim was not to only help his family but help others. Nicky spends a lot of personal time helping families with children with disabilities and from this has raised in excess of £500,000.

Nicky understands the needs for parents to juggle their lives, working to earn money to pay for physio costs and equipment needed and finding time for other siblings. Sometimes adaptions to homes are needed which accommodates independent living or further support to the parents/carers.

All throughout his commercial career he has taken immense pleasure in helping families with disabilities so he had no hesitation in accepting the invitation from Tony Knights to become the CEO of The Knights Foundation. Nicky is well connected with others who also want to make a difference to those living with a disability and is fortunate to be able to share his hopes and vision of The Knights Foundation with these friends and acquaintances.

Thanks to these and further supporters and donators of the Knights Foundation, they are able to make a difference to peoples lives. Seeing the smiles on faces of those living with a disability, parents/carers and siblings, makes them feel great! All of the hard work and time at The Knights Foundation, Supporters, Patrons and Volunteers put in is greatly appreciated and so worthwhile.

Nicky’s focus for The Knights Foundation is to be about inclusion , bridging the gap between abled and disabled people and with this focus will come fun activities for us all to be a part of.
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knights foundation lodge

A luxurious 'memory maker' for disabled families!

Their ultimate aim was always to have an accessible and luxurious property along the South coast, which is amenable for those with restricted abilities, to enjoy stress free family holidays and have the use of a facility, free of charge, to allow them to do this. 

This dream was made reality in September 2019 when they purchased The Knights Foundation Lodge.

The Lodge is both spacious and luxurious, allowing for extra space needed for wheelchairs. The Knights Foundation are delighted to be able to finally offer families access to this incredible newly adapted holiday home... They say home as it really does cater for everything and feels like 'home away from home'!

If you would like to book the Lodge, please email lodge@theknightsfoundation.org with your requested dates, and they will check availability and look to get your holiday booked in for you. 

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